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Jan 8, 2018

Warragul NBN Deadline 9 February 2018

ADSL and Fixed Phone Disconnections Commencing - Check If Your Street Is Affected

NBNco have announced that, as part of the NBN rollout, old copper line services such as phone and ADSL will be shut down in areas that have had FTTN available for 18 months. A large part of Warragul is facing this deadline on 9 February 2018.

Affected services include ADSL, Fixed Line Phone and Dial Up connections. DCSI Fixed Wireless connections are not affected by the NBN rollout. 

If you have not already arranged to switch your service, you should act now. If your copper landline or ADSL services are still active after the deadline, they will be shut down and you may experience the inconvenience of downtime - and could, potentially, lose your phone number.

DCSI are able to provide advice and assistance with your NBN readiness if you give us a call on 1300 66 55 75, or come see us at 155 Queen Street Warragul.

We have compiled a list of streets that are affected by the 9 February 2018 deadline. Where streets straddle the border between NBN enabled areas and NBN planned areas, the 9 February 2018 deadline may only affect some properties in the street.This list is provided as a guide only, and you should refer to NBNco's site for more detailed information about your address, or call our team on 1300 66 55 75 to query your NBN status. While all care has been taken in the preparation of this list, we cannot guarantee it is complete and accurate and you should check your address with NBNco or with our support team for confirmation. If you notice an error in the list, please report it to support@dcsi.net.au

Aberdeen Street

Acacia Court

Affleck Street

Albert Road

Albert Street

Alder Place

Alexander Street

Alford Street

Amber Place

Archibald Crescent

Armadale Drive

Ascott Street

Asha Court

Aspect Way

Audra Place

Bagot Street

Balharrie Court

Balmoral Street

Banksia Street

Barkly Street

Barton Court

Baw Baw Drive

Beckham Court

Bell Park Close

Bella Vista Drive

Bellamy Close

Betula Court

Biram Drive

Birch Court

Blaxland Crescent

Blue Gum Drive

Boronia Street

Bowen Street

Brandy Creek Road

Bronte Avenue

Buntine Drive

Burke Street

Burnett Close

Butlers Track

Cadby Court

Cambridge Drive

Camelot Court

Canawindi Drive

Cantona Court

Cataraqui Court

Caton Street

Cedar Place

Centre Avenue

Charles Street

Cherrywood Place

Chesterfield Avenue

Church Street

Churchill Street

Civic Place

Clifford Street

Clover Court

Club Lane

Colin Street

Colman Street

Colquhoun Boulevard

Connor Street

Coolabah Court

Copelands Road

Cornish Street

Craig Street

Cromwell Road

Cunningham Court

Dallas Court

Danes Road

Davey Street

Davies Street

Dawson Drive

Deakin Court

Denbeigh Court

Dollarburn Road

Domain Court

Dundee Street

Eade Avenue

Ebony Court

Edgerton Street

Edinburgh Street

Edmund Street

Eisenhower Street

Elizabeth Street

Ellen Close

Elm Court

Elska Court

Eyre Place

Farrington Close

Fenton Street

Fernery Boulevard

Fir Place

Francis Way

Friend Street

Gay Court

George Street

Gladstone Street

Glenalough Close

Glendon Drive

Gloucester Place

Grange Crescent

Grevillea Court

Grosvenor Court

Gwinear Court

Hallyburton Grove

Hamilton Drive

Hastings Square

Hawkesburn Court

Haworth Road

Hayes Drive

Helen Court

Henrietta Street

Henshall Street

Hibiscus Court

Highclere Street

Hillandale Road

Holmfield Court

Hope Street

Hume Court

Hunter Crescent

Huntingfield Court

Ista Street

Iverness Street

James Court

Janette Close

Jasmine Court

Kensington Drive

Kent Street

Kewell Court

Kilfera Court

King Street

Kokoda Street

Kookaburra Court

Koroit Street

Korumburra-Warragul Road

Landsborough Street

Latrobe Street

Leichardt Court

Lewisham Court

Lilley Road

Lillico Road

Lincoln Street

Loddon Court

Logan Street

Macallister Court

Macarthur Street

Manningham Court

Marrabel Court

Mary Street

Mason Street

Mavis Avenue

McCarthy Court

McCulloch Avenue

McDonald Street

McMillan Drive

Meadow Court

Medley Lane

Melanie Drive

Melzac Way

Mills Road

Mitchell Court

Montgomery Street

Montrose Street

Moores Road

Moroka Drive

Motherwell Court

Mount Worth Court

Munro Street

Murdie Road

Myrtle Crescent

Neerim Rail Drive

Nicolas Court

Nobel Street

Normanby Street

Numbat Place

Oak Court

O'Dowds Road

Owen Stanley Lane

Oxley Place

Page Place

Palmerston Street

Parsons Street

Peace Avenue

Penny Avenue

Percy Street

Pharaohs Road

Philip Street

Pioneer Street

Princes Way

Princess Street

Rebecca Court

Rintel Court

Roseleigh Street

Ruby Close

Rush Street

Russell Street

Rutland Street

Ryan Court

Scenic Road

Silky Drive

Simes Court

Sinclair Street

Skinners Road

Smith Street

Stirling Street

Stockdales Road

Stoddarts Road

Stoffers Street

Stoll Street

Strezlecki Court

Sturt Place

Sutton Street

Tarwin Street

Tassel Drive

Thatch Court

The Grove

Thomas Court

Tobruk Street

Toorak Avenue

Toorongo Court

Trinca Lane

Trumpy Lane

Tulip Court

Twin Ranges Drive

Tyssen Street

Waratah Drive

Warragul-Lardner Road

Warraview Close

Warringa Court

Watt Street

Wattle Court

Wentworth Court

Western Park Drive

Willow Crescent

Wills Street

Windhaven Court

Windhaven Drive

Windsor Avenue

Witton Street

Wylie Avenue