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Jun 6, 2017

We're Not Running A Survey

Close and Ignore Popup Ads That Say Otherwise!

We've had several enquiries from customers who have had surveys pop-up while they are browsing. These surveys say they are from DCSI and offer rewards or prizes for completing them.

We do not run surveys this way and have no connection to these ads. Given the misleading nature of them, we encourage you to close them without participating.

These pop-ups are referring to DCSI because they are able to detect that you're on a DCSI connection. It's how the internet works - your IP address is disclosed to the sites you visit, and public databases record the ownership records of IP address. It's a simple matter to look up the ISP and insert their name into the ad. If you could see the same ad while connected through another provider, it would have their name instead.

A great rule of thumb is: don't click on things you're unsure about!