adsl, gippsland fixed wireless
up to 50Mbps
from $40/mth

dcsi's own network - next generation wireless and dsl.

These plans provide you broadband on our own network, either our DSL or wireless services in Gippsland.

Our ADSL access provides a great alternative if you can't get other fixed connections and our wireless product can reach speeds far exceeding ADSL or other fixed line options.

For more information about what is right for you, contact us today.

choose your plan

Front Row50 GB$40.00/mth
($0.80 per GB)
Gold Class100 GB$60.00/mth
($0.60 per GB)
All Areas200 GB$80.00/mth
($0.40 per GB)
Entourage500 GB$100.00/mth
($0.20 per GB)
Five Star1000 GB$140.00/mth
($0.14 per GB)

select add-ons



select a router option

4x 100Mbps LAN ports + wireless 802.11n

if you already have a compatible router

4x 1Gbps LAN ports + wireless 802.11ac

critical information summary

Click here to view the Critical Information Summary for Fixed Wireless.

Click here to view the Critical Information Summary for ADSL.

included features

All our ADSL and Gippsland fixed wireless plans include the following features.

  • dont tie me down

    no contracts

    cancel anytime
  • data allowance

    no excess charges

    if you exceed your limit
  • speedy

    speeds up to 100mbps

    on selected plans
  • email

    5 email addresses

    with spam & virus protection
  • call us

    local support

    available 7 days a week
  • my dcsi portal

    my dcsi portal

    to manage your services

data blocks

Top up your data allowance for the current month.

  • 2 GB

    anytime data


  • 5 GB

    anytime data


  • 10 GB

    anytime data


  • 25 GB

    anytime data


what you need to know

Our standard Terms of Service apply to all services. Additionally, the following terms apply to ADSL broadband:


All ADSL connections will incur an activation fee of $100. Phone line connection fees may also be applicable in certain circumstances. Fixed Wireless connections and relocations will incur an activation/installation fee of $300.

plan changes

Change your plan at any time without incurring any additional fees. Changes will take effect at the start of the next billing period.


Cancel your service at any time without incurring any fees. If you cancel the service partway through a billing period, that billing period or any portion of it is not refundable.

relocations - ADSL

If you move house, we'll need to activate the phone line at the new premises. ADSL relocations incur a fee of $100 in addition to any applicable phone line connection fees. Activating the line can also take up to 10 business days - so let us know in advance!

relocations - Wireless

If you move house, we'll need to install the service at the new premises. Please contact us well in advance, so that we can book the installation and have your service up and running when you move in. Please note that relocations incur an installation fee of $300.00.


If your DCSI ADSL service is disconnected by your phone provider, for example in situations such as changing your phone number or having your phone service suspended for failure to make payment, then we may charge a fee of $100 to reactivate the ADSL service.


We provide ADSL2+ speeds - that's up to 20 megabits per second download, and up to 1 mbps upload - on almost all on-net and off-net ADSL services. If your phone line isn't capable of ADSL2+, we'll provide "open-speed" ADSL with up to 8 mbps download and 384 kbps upload.

When we say "up to", the speeds being quoted are theoretical maximums. ADSL and ADSL2+ run as fast as your phone line can manage, but the speed degrades with phone line length, quality, and various other factors. Approximately 50% of ADSL2+ users achieve speeds of 10 mbps or more.


Your data allowance (or quota) is metered in both directions – both downloads and uploads count toward your limit. If you exceed your limit, you won't be charged any extra, but your service will be slowed down to 512Kbps for the first 500MB over the limit, and 128Kbps thereafter.

data blocks

Data blocks are only valid for the usage period they are purchased in. When your monthly reset date comes, any unused data blocks will be forfeited.


DCSI provides ADSL services on our own DSLAM network, as well as wholesale services through Aussie Broadband and Telstra Wholesale.


If you already have Fixed wireless provided by DCSI but would like to upgrade your current antenna and recieve a free Wi-Fi Router to obtain faster download and upload speeds, a charge of $150 will be applied to your account, If you would like this to be a priority upgrade(we will get to you faster) This charge will be $300. (Please note that speed improvements may vary depending on location.)